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Uniquely, Matterhorn Chalets, as part of their luxury fully catered service, provide a qualified mountain guide or ski instructor for five days during your holiday.

This service is included for any groups booking sole occupancy of Chalet ULYSSE on a fully catered basis.

On your first evening, the mountain guide will visit the chalet to discuss a programme suitable to the make-up of the party, as well as current conditions.  It might be that a ski instructor is more appropriate, especially where there are children.

The group size cannot not exceed 6 guests on any one day.  However, subject to availability and supplementary charges, additional guides or instructors may be booked as an extra either prior to your arrival, or locally, as can heli-skiing.

More Information

We hope that you take full advantage of this unique Guide Service as it will add so much to your holiday experience.

Please note the following:

  • only one guide or instructor is provided free although additional guides and/or instructors may be booked in advance or during your stay, subject to availability and supplementary charges
  • the option of having an instructor or a guide is only available where the whole chalet has been booked by a single group
  • they are available for ski activities only, the group size being limited to 6 persons on any particular day, at the discretion of the guide
  • as part of this service, the guide is available for 5 consecutive days out of 7, Monday to Friday, although additional days may be booked as an extra, subject to availability and supplementary charges
  • the details of any excursion may be changed by the guide at any time whilst cancelled days will not be refunded
  • heli-ski costs and taxi fares are not included
  • guests use this service at their own risk, no liability being accepted for any aspect of it by Matterhorn Chalets or any of its servants
  • the usual terms and conditions of the guide and of the Zermatt guides’ office and ski school apply
  • whilst some items of safety equipment may be available for loan (harness, probe, shovel, avalanche transmitter…), neither the guide nor Matterhorn Chalets accept any responsibility for their condition, operation or reliability. Guests use such equipment at their own risk and must return it in good condition
  • it is traditional, although not obligatory, that guests invite the guide or instructor to join them and pay for their lunch!
  • for more information on our guide and the various programmes he offers in addition to working with Matterhorn Chalets, please visit

We will endeavour to arrange this service for parties whose booking was made at the last minute, but it may not be possible to book a guide at short notice.

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