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The Management – Ed and Suzanne Mannix

Ed and Suzanne Mannix

Having spent over thirty years living in the French resort of Méribel, Ed worked in ski holiday operating until the mid ’90s when he set up as a French tax consultant to the ski industry.

A long-standing  love affair with Zermatt meant that he moved his winter home, along with his then fiancé, Suzanne, to Switzerland.

After travelling the globe and living in Paris and New Zealand, Suzanne settled into a career in marketing.

Latterly, she qualified as a massage therapist and personal trainer and took her skills to the Alps where she re-met her husband-to-be. Ed and Suzanne were married in June 2014.

Original Canine Consultant – Poppy Mannix – RIP


Born in the UK and trained as a gun dog, Poppy moved to the Alps with Suzanne and found her calling as an entertainer of children (of all ages), catcher of snowballs and carrier of sticks.  She also provided a valuable contribution to the operation as Company Mascot.  Sadly Poppy passed away at the end of September 2019 but her spirit lives on.

Trainee Canine Consultant – Daisy Mannix

Born in Yorkshire in September 2020, Daisy, another English Springer Spaniel, joined Suzanne and Ed in Zermatt in early December 2020.  She has now experienced her second snowy winter and is rapidly learning the delights of Alpine life, entertaining those who meet her along the way.

Mountain guide, ski instructor and technical director – Andreas Fux


Born in the heart of the old village, Andreas is a genuine Zermatt mountain guide from a family where the profession is a tradition.

The youngest of seven children, no fewer than three of his brothers qualified as guides as well. Widely travelled and fluent in English and French along with his own native Swiss-German, Andreas has led expeditions to such extreme regions as the Himalaya, Alaska, the Andes and Greenland.

An expert climber and qualified yacht skipper, he runs a summer sail-and-climb programme on the Croatian coast.

During the winter, he is based in Zermatt where he has extensive knowledge of the surrounding mountains and of the Alps. In the spring, he regularly takes ski touring parties to northern Norway.

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