Why You Should Choose Ski Resorts With Glaciers (like Zermatt!)

Zermatt is one of the best ski resorts with glaciers and offers guaranteed snow, but what do you think of when someone says glacier?  Ice? Global warming? Fox’s Mints?

For us it’s great skiing!

Guaranteed Snow

There aren’t many things that make a ski resort stand from the others as much as a glacier. And it is one of those essential factors to consider when deciding where to go on your next ski trip – especially if you want guaranteed snow.

The evidence that having a glacier makes a ski resort better is clear if you look at any ski resort “Best Of” list.  You’ll notice they all feature ski resorts that have glaciers, such as Whistler, Val d’Isere and Zermatt.


What is a glacier?

Glaciers form where there is so much snow that it doesn’t just melt away, but instead compacts into ice over thousands of years. Glaciers move slowly downhill like a frozen river, constantly being replenished at the source by fresh snow.

Many of the glaciers that are around today were formed in the last ice age and helped to carve out many of the distinct mountain ranges that we ski on today.

Glacial erosion

A perfect example of the dramatic power of glacial erosion is the iconic Matterhorn whose distinct shape originated from multiple glaciers carving its peak.

The glaciers that shaped the mountain range still exist. The Theodul Glacier is part the Matterhorn Paradise ski area. The glacier is home to some Europe’s best year round skiing and helps to form a huge winter playground.

ski resorts with glaciers

Why is the skiing so good?

For a glacier to form you need lots of snow and lots of snow means good conditions for skiing.

Due to the high altitude glaciers typically form at snow falls all year round, and as the glacier is essentially a massive chunk of ice it means the snow can settle.

Glacier skiing is cold enough to have regular snow all year round ensuring that the conditions are always perfect and the snow is fresh.


zermatt a ski resort with a glacier

Why does a glacier make a resort better?

If you’re heading out at the beginning of the ski season in December or late on in springtime then it is worth planning to head to a resort with a glacier.

Being guaranteed snow at the extremities of the season is reassuring as you don’t spend the build-up to your holiday worrying about the snow conditions.

Glacier skiing in Zermatt

Being a glacier resort like Zermatt also means that the immediate area benefits from the temperature and precipitation associated with glacial areas, resulting in better snow conditions in the surrounding ski area.

The Zermatt valley covered with clouds

Zermatt’s Glaciers

Zermatt is located in the Monte Rosa mountain range – the second highest in Europe – and contains 16 glaciers of various sizes within the range.

If you are interested in skiing on some of the best glacial terrain in the world, Matterhorn Chalets offer a selection of luxury catered chalets on its doorstep.

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