NEW: Helibiking in Zermatt

New this summer is helibiking in Zermatt. Why not try the ultimate thrill and combine mountain biking with a helicopter trip?

Taking off from the Air Zermatt base in resort, you and your friends can take a helicopter to one of three designated mountain landing sites: Äschihorn (3562m), Alphubeljoch (3782m) or Unterrothorn (3104m).

Photo (c) Pascal Gertschen

A mountain guide is included

These locations have been approved by the Swiss federal government and allow mountain bike fans to enjoy unspoiled single trails and unique views.

Air Zermatt will supply a guide with each group, except Unterrothorn, which can be navigated from without a mountain guide.

Äschihorn and Alphubeljoch, on the other hand, are descents that pass through and over glaciers, meaning that a qualified mountain guide to accompany you is essential.

This unique opportunity is only suitable for experienced mountain bikers with excellent biking skills. Availability is obviously weather dependent, but Air Zermatt will be offering the service from May to November.

(c) Pascal Gertschen

Accommodation and Concierge Service

Flights cost from CHF115 per person, depending on the size of your group. The maximum size is four people, with one guide. If you are staying with Matterhorn Chalets, we can book your flight(s) for you in advance as part of our concierge service.

We have a number of properties suitable for mountain bikers, so for more information please contact us on +41 79 247 15 88

No matter which landing sites you choose for your helibiking experience in Zermatt, this unique experience is something you’ll never forget!

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