The Zermatt-Cervinia Alpine Crossing [FAQ with Video]

Approval has now been given for work to start on the new 3S Alpine Crossing cableway between Zermatt and Cervinia.

When the new 3S Matterhorn Glacier Ride opened in the autumn of 2018, it became the highest 3S cableway in the world. If you’d like to know more about the 3S Matterhorn Glacier Ride, then please read our Ultimate Guide to the lift, which covers all of this and more:

  • Where will the new top station be?
  • How long will the ‘Alpine Crossing’ take and how much will it cost?
  • Alpine Crossing Facts
  • Where will the Testa Grigia station be?
  • When will the Zermatt-Cervinia Alpine Crossing open?


Zermatt-Cervinia Alpine Crossing

The top station at Klein Matterhorn

‘Alpine Crossing’ links Zermatt to Cervinia by 3S Cableway

The Matterhorn Glacier Ride was only the first stage of the ultimate project to create a 3S ‘Alpine Crossing’ to link Zermatt in Switzerland with Cervinia in Italy completely by 3S cableway, meaning it will also be open to pedestrians and day-trippers as well as skiers.

The good news is that after considerable discussions over the impact on the environment, it has now been agreed that work can start between the stations at Testa Grigia and Klein Matterhorn.

Where will the new top station be?

The new lift station will be built right next to the existing top station, so that it is effectively an extension to the existing building.


The Alpine Crossing route

How long will the ‘Alpine Crossing’ take and how much will it cost?

The new link is expected to cost CHF30 million and will connect Zermatt with Italy and vice-versa all year round in a 4-minute journey.

There will be 10 cabins, each able to carry 28 passengers. With a speed of 7.5 metres per second, the total capacity will be 1300 passengers per hour.

Alpine Crossing Facts

Altitude at Klein Matterhorn – 3821m
Altitude at Testa Grigia – 3458m
Length – 1.6km
Number of cabins – 10
Cabin capacity – 28 passengers
Capacity – 1300 passengers per hour
Speed – 7.5 metres/second
Journey time – 4 minutes
Cost of project – CHF 30 million

High-calibre experience of the mountains

Zermatt Bergbahnen AG (ZBAG) and the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation (SL) have reached an accord that includes agreement from SL that they will not object to the planning approval by the Federal Office of Transport.

On their part, ZBAG has confirmed they will continue to promote quality tourism, ‘providing a high-calibre experience of the mountains and its natural surroundings’.

Another part of the agreement is that Zermatt Bergbahnen have pledged to remove all elements of the existing cableway between Cime Bianche in Italy and the Klein Matterhorn.

The way the top station will be lit and its colour scheme have also been changed to help them integrate into the surrounding landscape more effectively.

Where will the Testa Grigia station be?

The new Testa Grigia station will be on the Italian/Swiss border but will be built entirely on Swiss territory at 3458m.

testa-grigia alpine crossing

The Alpine Crossing station at Testa Grigia

When will the Zermatt-Cervinia Alpine Crossing open?

Construction work is set to begin immediately (in spring 2019) on this new link between Testa Grigia and the Klein Matterhorn. The ‘Alpine Crossing’ is scheduled to start operating in spring 2021.



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