7 Reasons Why Zermatt is Great for Over 60s

Skiing didn’t get underway in Zermatt until 1928. By that time Lou Batori was already 16 and trying out wooden skis on the snow and he kept skiing until he was 107!

Here are our 7 reasons why Zermatt is the ideal destination for Baby Boomers to take a ski trip:

1. Amazing Skiing
2. Great Restaurants
3. Beautiful Mountain Walks
4. Good Accessibility
5. Lots of Adventure & Non-Ski Activities
6. Try Curling
7. Relax in Comfort

Lou Batori – February 13, 2017

Our favorite 106 year old skier, Lou Batori, stopped by yesterday to make a few turns. Great to see you, Lou!

Posted by Crystal Mountain on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Skiing is for all ages

Despite what many people think skiing isn’t just for the young. It is for everyone of all ages. Today over 60s account for 20% of all skiers on the slopes and there are around 360,000 regular 60+ skiers in the UK.

Zermatt is perfect for ‘Baby Boomers’

We think Zermatt is the ideal destination for Baby Boomers to take a ski trip.

The slopes of Zermatt

Skiing in the shadow of the iconic Matterhorn

1. The Skiing

It doesn’t matter if you are a super active skier or someone who likes to potter about the hill on gentle blue runs, soaking in the view, Zermatt offers both.

For those looking to get their heart racing, there are 220km of well maintained red runs across the ski area. Or if you want to step up a bit more try some of Zermatt’s 64km of popular black and itinerary runs.

If leisure skiing is on the agenda, you will find gentle runs in the Sunnegga and Rottenboden areas. There are 74km of blue runs in the Zermatt ski area. Or with an early start, you can visit the other side of the Matterhorn with an easy ski into Italy and down to the resort of Cervinia.

Zermatt for the over 60's

The extensive ski area (click to see the live map)

2. Great Restaurants

As we age a full eight hours on the slopes with just a croissant stolen from the breakfast table becomes less appealing! A long lunch accompanied by stunning views, delicious food and book-ended by a relaxing ski is more likely and Zermatt is the perfect location for that.

In Zermatt, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to lovely lunch spots.

On the slopes, Chez Vrony, at 2130 metres in Findeln is one of our favourites, and it’s hard to beat the view from the Alphitta. The very cool Gandegghütte is another option or try the sophisticated Adler Hitta.

You can read our full review of the best mountain restaurants in Zermatt here.

Stunning views from Zermatt’s mountain restaurants

3. Beautiful mountain walks

Whether it is day or night the streets of the village of Zermatt are perfect for a stroll.

The car-free roads and excellent snow clearing teams mean that you can take in the scenery without the fear of getting run over or slipping up.

Who knows this view? It's the luxury Grand Hotel Zermatterhof and the oldest hotel in Zermatt the Hotel Monte Rosa / Edwards Bar & Café

Posted by Matterhorn Chalets on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

4. Good Accessibility

Restricted mobility doesn’t have to put anyone off visiting the mountains and enjoying Zermatt. The resort and many properties have made several renovations and improvements to make Zermatt as accessible as possible for everyone.

Matterhorn Chalets offers two wheelchair accessible chalets in Zermatt.  Both Gornergrat and Klein Matterhorn are wheelchair accessible, as is the Rothorn cable car.

Also popular with wheelchair users are the Zermatt Museum and, in summer, the Furiweg – a quiet path through the larch and pine trees between Furi and Zermatt.

Zermatt for the over 60's

Wheelchair access in Chalet Binna

5. Plenty of Adventure & Non-Ski Activities

Now ’60 is the new 50′ it’s not surprising that many older alpine visitors are adding extra excitement to their trip.  In Zermatt, you can try adventures like helicopter tours, paragliding, and hiking.

It doesn’t have to be adventure though. Zermatt has so many activities to try off the slopes. How about ice skating, curling, swimming or a visit to a spa?

Take a flight with Air Zermatt

6. Try Curling

Whether you’ve tried lawn or indoor bowls or not, why not try out the winter alternative of curling.

Team GB has seen some remarkable success at the Winter Olympics in recent years with a silver and bronze in Sochi. The Zermatt Curling Club has trainers on hand to teach you how to sweep, curl and glide and introduce you to the sport.

Who knows maybe you could become the next Eve Muirhead! 

Curling – bowls on ice?

7. Relax in Comfort

Despite all these activities and Zermatt’s reputation for extreme activities, there are equal amounts of unwinding options.

At Matterhorn Chalets, all of our chalets have their own wellness areas, including hot-tubs, saunas and steam rooms. Chalet Banja has its own 10m swimming pool.

Or simply use our concierge service and we can book you a massage treatment at a local hotel or arrange a for a masseur to visit your chalet.

Time for a relaxing massage?

Accommodation in Zermatt

If you would like more information about any of our chalets and/or other accommodation in Zermatt that would be suitable for you, then please contact the Matterhorn Chalets team on +41 79 247 15 88.

With our concierge service we can help book any of the activities mentioned above. We look forward to hearing from you.

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