Zermatt to Host Cow Fighting Festival in 2021

The ‘Sommerstechfest’ – the famous summer cow fighting festival – is returning to Zermatt on 08 August 2021.

Almost one hundred Eringer cows will fight for the title of ‘Reine du Cervin’ – the Queen of the Cervin – in this traditional Valais annual cow fighting festival.

cow fighting zermatt
(c) Pedro Rodrigues

A natural way to select the leader

Last held in Zermatt in 2018, the event will take place in the Matterhorn Arena on the far side of the Swiss village with the iconic Matterhorn in the background.

Don’t be concerned that this is anything like Spanish bull-fighting – these battles normally end without any injuries and are simply the breed’s natural way of selecting the leader of the herd.

cow fighting zermatt
(c) Pedro Rodrigues

Thousands of spectators

Over 4000 spectators are expected to watch the qualifying rounds in the morning, before the tension peaks with the final around 3pm in the afternoon.

As well as your bovine entertainment there will be live music and Valais specialities available to buy. A shuttle service will help you get to the venue easily.

The tournament is run by the livestock breeding association EVZG Nikolaital. Tickets cost CHF20 each and can be purchased in advance. All revenues go towards the Zermatt Alpine Cooperative.

Alternatively if you are a breeder you can register your cow for the chance to become ‘The Queen’ from May 2021 onwards.

cow fighting zermatt
(c) Pedro Rodrigues


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