The 5 Best Matterhorn Photo Spots in Zermatt

If you join us for a holiday in Zermatt, you’ll inescapably find yourself drawn to the Matterhorn and end up taking photo after photo of this iconic mountain.

We understand that all of our guests will want to take the best possible photos of Switzerland’s most famous mountain to share on social media and as a memento of your holiday.

Some days it’s shrouded in cloud, sometimes catching the setting sun, but always it’s spectacular.

But where are the best places to take a photo of the Matterhorn in Zermatt?

1. Official Photopoints at Rothorn and Schwarzee

One of your options is to use the resort’s official ‘photopoints’.

The spots are located at the Rothorn (3101m) and Schwarzsee (2583m) lift stations and you don’t even need to use your own phone or camera.

Simply register at skiline.cc then use your lift pass to activate the camera. All you need to do then is say ‘cheese’ and smile. Within a few seconds, you’ll be able to download your free photo from the Skiline website.

2. The classic view from Kirchplatz

A surprise that many first time visitors to Zermatt have is that as you emerge from the train station, you can’t quite yet see the Matterhorn.

Don’t panic, take your time enjoying the shops and cafes of Bahnhofstrasse until you reach Kirchplatz.

Improve your view by climbing the first few step on the church and line up the historic wooden chalets in the foreground for your perfect first picture of the Matterhorn.

Photo Fabienne Fux-Schaller

3. The North Face from Stafelalp

The imposing north face of the Matterhorn can be captured in both summer (by walking from Schwarzee to Stafel) and in winter (on the piste #52 to Stafelalp).

Take some time to chill out on the bench and enjoy the view (and maybe set your camera on timer for a behind-the-bench selfie).

Photo Magalie Perren

4. A bucolic view from Zen Stecken

This can only be accessed by foot on the path to Zmutt and Zen Stecken. After about 10 minutes further on, turn right at the bench and follow the signs to the ‘Vita Parcours’.

You’ll find yourself with a view that combines traditional farmers’ barns, forests of larch trees all framing the magnificent Matterhorn.

Photo Michael Portmann

5. A perfect reflection from Stellisee

This is a shorter walk, just 20 minutes from the top of the Blauherd cable car at 2571m.

To get the perfect picture, you’ll need the weather to cooperate, but when it’s calm, the Stellisee will reward you with a perfect reflection of the Matterhorn.

Other variations on the reflection theme can be found from the lakes at Riffelsee, Grindjisee and Leisee.

Photo Michael Portmann

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