Matterhorn features on new Swiss stamp

A new special issue stamp from Swiss Post features Zermatt’s famous Matterhorn.

The ‘Typically Swiss’ stamp was designed by Andrea Klaiber and shows the iconic mountain, as well as an Edelweiss flower and an alphorn.

Three Facts

Three facts you might not know about each of these items:

  • The Matterhorn is in fact a piece of Africa. It’s a remnant of the huge mass of rock that was pushed across the European continent when the Alps were formed
  • The Edelweiss originated in the Himalayas and Siberia, only reaching Europe during the ice age. The highest point it is found in Swizerland is 3140m
  • The alphorn is a brass instrument, about 3.5m long. It only plays 16 notes of the harmonic series, but unsurprisingly if you have heard one, it can be heard up to 10 kilometres away

Available until 30 September 2023

The design was the result of a competition with four illustrators with the winner by Swiss Post’s stamp commissioner.

The ‘Typically Swiss’ stamp is available in Swiss Post branches and online. The sheet has ten stamps also includes free matching stickers. It is only available until 30 September 2023 or while stocks last.

Accommodation in Zermatt

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