Fly a helicopter in Zermatt (virtually)

Yes, you can fly a helicopter in Zermatt…as long as you don’t mind doing it virtually in a high-tech VR flight simulator.

If you are one of our guests with Matterhorn Chalets, we have always been able to arrange for you to go heliskiing, thanks to Air Zermatt.

New Flight Simulator

It’s now possible to try flying a helicopter around the Matterhorn yourself thanks to Air Zermatt’s new flight simulator.

The simulator is located at their base in Zermatt, so on your way in you can be inspired by watching actual helicopters taking off and landing.

Flight simulator Zermatt

Fly a Ecureuil H125 helicopter

The actual simulator is a frame with the layout of Ecureuil H125 helicopter.

Once in the pilot’s chair you put on Virtual Reality goggles, which display the controls in front of you and the actual view from the heliport itself.

You’ll hear the voice of your instructor through your headphones, offering advice and guiding you through take-off and flying over Zermatt.

The experience is so good that all the Air Zermatt pilots also use the simulator to learn their art, reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

“Special situations such as losing a tail rotor or performing an autorotation all the way to the ground are simply too dangerous in the real helicopter and are virtually impossible to practice. The simulator opens up new possibilities for us and closes gaps.”

Tizian Gruber, lead operator on the new flight simulator

How much does the VR experience cost?

Trial flights are available from 20 to 60 minutes. This includes a 10 minute briefing prior to the simulator flight.

20 minutes – CHF 270 pp

30 minutes – CHF 380 pp

40 minutes – CHF 490 pp

60 minutes – CHF 700 pp

If you’d like to book a virtual experience flying one of Air Zermatt’s helicopters, we can book this for guests staying Matterhorn Chalets through our Concierge Service.

Accommodation in Zermatt

If you’d like to stay in Zermatt, then please contact us via our website or by calling +41 79 247 15 88 and we would be delighted to book hotel, self-catering or serviced chalets for you.


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