New Zermatt-Furi lift to open in 2023

Visitors to Zermatt later this year will be able to enjoy the new cable car from Zermatt to Furi, which will start operating in autumn 2023.

The old lift has been operating since 1963.

The new lift will feature state-of-the-art cabins with a modern and large glass frontage offering scenic views of the Matterhorn. Each cabin will have room for 100 passengers.

The Schluhmatte base station has also been redesigned to improve the flow of skiers.

Bring the Matterhorn into focus…

There are two particular highlights to watch out for.

On your way up, look out for the first pylon immediately after the valley station. It will be easy to spot as it’s been made in the shape of a magnifying glass!

Depending on your exact position in the cabin, as you pass through the magnifying glass construction it will focus in on and highlight the iconic Matterhorn.

The new ‘magnifying glass’ pylon under construction

Enjoy a rooftop ride

The other new feature is the option to take the ‘Rooftop Ride’. You’ll want to have a good head for heights, because as the name suggests, it’s an opportunity to take in the view from the roof of the cabin and enjoy our clean mountain air at the same time.

Accommodation by Zermatt specialists

If you’d like to try out the lift for yourself, and would like to stay in a serviced luxury chalet or self-catering apartments in Zermatt, then please contact the Matterhorn Chalets team.

We offer a concierge service for all of our guests.

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