The Matterhorn Alpine Crossing opens for business

Earlier this week, the new Matterhorn Alpine Crossing connecting Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland and Testa Grigia in Italy opened for business.

This means it’s now possible to take a lift all the way from Zermatt to Cervinia and vice-versa. At present, it’s not possible to do the journey with luggage, but in due course it will be.

While the new connection is an impressive feat of engineering, it is unlikely to affect most visitors to Zermatt.

The lift is mainly aimed at a limited number of visitors looking to cross between Italy and Switzerland or vice-versa.

“A premium offer”

The cost of a crossing can only be described as expensive!

In this first summer, a return crossing costs CHF240 (USD268), with a single crossing CHF156 (USD158). These prices will fall to CHF200 (USD240) in autumn and CHF172 (USD193) in the winter. Children under the age of 9 travel for free. There’s a discount of 50% for young people.

It’s not surprise that Zermatt Bergbahnen describe the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing experience as a “premium offer that fits into our existing price strategy.”

However, to put it in context an excursion from Grindelwald to the Jungfraujoch can cost up to CHF214.


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