The first AURO aerial tramway in the world opens in Zermatt

The stunning new aerial tramway from Zermatt to Furi began operations at the beginning of November 2023.

And from the 2024 summer season, the journey from Zermatt to Furi and vice versa will be even more exciting, when you’ll be able to enjoy amazing views of the Matterhorn from the roof of the cabins in the open air.

An ‘operator free’ lift

Unlike most lifts it is an ‘operator free’ lift. In fact, the abbreviation AURO stands for ‘Autonomous Ropeway Operation’.

Employees operate the lift from a control centre, using state-of-the-art technology that has cameras and sensors to monitor the system, especially when people enter and exit the cabins. The system flags any unusual situations that it identifies outside ‘normal operations’.

Original lift opened in 1964

The original cable car from Zermatt to Furi – known fondly as the ‘Old Lady’ was built in 1964. It’s been a vital player in the transport of people and materials to the Matterhorn Paradise Ski Area.

It was supplemented by the newer and more efficient Matterhorn Express lift in 2002 and completed its last journey on 19 June 2022. Following that final trip, it was dismantled and work on the new lift started.

Initially the old pylons were taken down, before the foundations were laid in spring 2023 and the first pylon for the new lift built. The design was in a special circular shape due to the limited space at the base station.

Logistical challenges

In September 2023, the two new cable car cabins were delivered. Moving these through the village to the lift was a huge logistical challenge.

The actual cabins were too wide to fit along Bahnhofstrasse and too long to use Triftbachstrasse, so an initial lorry was used to transport the cabins along the Matter Vispa stream road to below Kirchbrücke.

They were then lifted with a crane onto a waiting lorry on Kirchstrasse. From there, they were taken to the base station on Schluhmattstrasse to be attached to the existing cables.

Take a rooftop ride

From the summer of 2024, a completely new experience will be possible with the option to take a rooftop ride from the top of the cable car. You’ll be able to enjoy unique views of the Matterhorn and the stunning surrounding landscape.

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