Our 5 Top Zermatt Souvenirs

After a week of skiing in one of Europe’s best and most iconic resorts you might want to take home a souvenir that is more than a memory or a photo on your phone.

The questions is what should that particular trinket be? So here are our top five Zermatt souvenirs…

Zermatt Posters

The quality of a resort can be matched to the stylishness of its posters. Unsurprisingly Zermatt has some pretty stylish posters and they follow the rule that a good poster needs to be a work of art and deserve a place on your wall.

Over the years Zermatt has called upon some talented artists to design their posters. In the 1930’s it was the likes of Carl Moos, Eric De Coulon and Pierre Kramer.

All of these posters are still available today.  In fact an original Zermatt poster by Kramer recently sold for nearly £12,000 at auction. Or you can pick up a copy for £20…

vintage Zermatt posters


Zermatt Swatch Watch

Being famous means that you get to collaborate with other icons. Zermatt’s legendary status has earned it a duet with another Swiss institution, Swatch.

Zermatt has been a made into a limited edition Swatch three times. In 1999 the first ‘Highness of Zermatt’ edition was released. This was followed up in 2006 with ‘Highness of Zermatt II’.

More recently the Zermatt Watch has been released. It retails at CHF90 and is only available from Zurich or Geneva airport stores or the Swatch shop in Zermatt itself.

Zermatt Swatch


Zermatt Ice Bucket

The official merchandise store consists of the usual badges, snow globes and caps but there is one thing that stands out as being unique to Zermatt. The collectable Zermatt Ice Bucket is a distinct souvenir priced at CHF400.

The cooler  has been designed by local artists Heinz Julen and is a tribute to the first successful summit of the Matterhorn. It stands 25cm in height and can hold up to 6 bottles of beer!Zermatt Ice Bucket

Swiss Army Knife

In another collaboration the resort teamed up with the 120-year-old knife makers Victorinox. The result was a pen knife based on the company’s ‘Climber’ series.

The current one features a picture of the famous mountain on an identifiable red casing and comes with everything from the regular knife blade to those all important tweezers.

A rarer offering is a blade with a stainless steel case that shows huts, the Matterhorn and a selection of fauna. These are hard to come by, but search hard and you can sometimes find them on eBay (typically on sale €100 or more).


There is no better souvenir or holiday gift than chocolate. It has also been claimed that the chocolate tastes even better when the shape has been inspired by one of the most famous mountains in the world.

The chocolate was first made in 1908 and is now sold all over the world. If you’re visiting Zermatt it is the perfect reminder of your holiday and tastes pretty good too.

You can read the full history of Toblerone here in one of our previous blog posts.





To find your souvenir from Zermatt you need to first visit the resort for a holiday. The best time to visit is during the winter when you can make the most of the incredible ski area.

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