Zermatt or St Moritz: Which is the best ski resort?

Zermatt and St Moritz are both world famous ski resorts in Switzerland, but how do they compare against each other. What is St Moritz like compared to our home, the award-winning resort of Zermatt.

Zermatt is one of the most popular Swiss resorts. located at the foot of the equally famous Matterhorn. With its extensive ski area and world-class accommodation Zermatt is a genuine world class ski area.

We look at how the St Moritz compares to Zermatt, voted best ski resort in the world in 2016 and best resort in Switzerland in 2017.

Snow conditions – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Zermatt or St Moritz

Zermatt has a reputation for some of the best snow in the Alps due to its particular microclimate. Glacier skiing also allows it to have longer seasons and year-round skiing.

Over the last few winters, Zermatt has on average received 30% more snow than St Moritz.

Ski areas in numbers – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Zermatt or St Moritz

St Moritz Zermatt
Piste 350km 360km
Height 3305m 3883m
Resort Height 1770m 1620m
Lifts 56 52
6 Day Lift Pass Price £288 £290

The skiing – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Skiing - Zermatt v’s St Moritz

The numbers suggest that both are similar areas, but with Zermatt boasting the highest skiing in Europe and multiple linked areas, it has a huge amount to offer. There is terrain for every ability, excellent snow parks and great off piste.

St Moritz does have a large ski area, but this is split across four main areas and a selection of tiny ones that are not linked and can require train or bus journeys.

The Towns – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Both Zermatt and St Moritz have a draw that is more than just skiing which is why they have fans among the rich and famous. They are both places to be seen, shop and hang out but St Moritz’s origins does helps to regularly attract royalty to the town.

Zermatt has been careful to retain its original charm with strict planning restrictions that St Moritz has lacked over the years, allowing many large block style buildings to pop up.

Both resorts are located in stunning locations that add to the beauty and atmosphere of your stay. Zermatt’s valley location at the foot of the Matterhorn allows for dramatic views of the iconic mountain. St Moritz is situated on the banks of a picturesque lake that shares its name.

Restaurants and nightlife – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Restaurants and nightlife in Zermatt and St Moritz

Après ski in St Moritz is a casual affair with a few spots that attract the after ski crowd, but it’s more about the puddings than the pints. Zermatt has many après ski spots and you can find a more ‘lively’ approach to partying with live bands and dancing in abundance.

The night life in Zermatt is outstanding with plenty of venues to choose from to party the night away. In comparison, St Moritz has little choice, and those options tend to be expensive, even by Swiss standards!

Both resorts can lay claim to being foodie destinations, each with their fare share of high end eateries in dramatic locations and Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the resort. In January St Moritz hosts a gourmet food festival that draws the best chefs in the world who are happy to showcase their talent.

Famous for – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Zermatt is globally recognised for many reasons, from the distinctive mountain that inspires the Toblerone to the car free town and 365 day skiing!

St Moritz is famed for some of the chi-chi monied clients it attracts, and is synonymous for tobogganing, specifically the notorious Cresta Run, a 1.2km natural ice run that dates back to 1884.

Non skier activities – Zermatt v. St Moritz

Zermatt isn’t just a ski town, unlike St Moritz it is a truly year round tourist destination with multiple activities for non-skiers. From ice skating to curling Zermatt has a large choice of options for non-skiers!



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