International guests return to Zermatt as Swiss Borders open again

This Monday (15 June) was a significant day for us in Switzerland as borders opened again with all EU & EFTA countries, and, importantly, also the UK.

We are delighted to welcome back international visitors to Zermatt, who can enjoy all that this wonderful resort has to offer in summer.

Restrictions for UK citizens

Although UK citizens are able to join us in Zermatt, please bear in mind that at present (at 17 June) you are required to quarantine for 14 days on their return to the UK.

We are hoping that this restriction will be lifted toward the end of June. There is a strong lobby group within the travel industry working hard to pressure the government to create ‘travel corridors’ and we are optimistic Switzerland will be included within this.

Restrictions for US and non-European citizens

A decision will be made on other nationalities on 06 July and we are opening Switzerland will open to other countries in mid-July.

Is Switzerland safe?

Switzerland has handled the Covid-19 pandemic very effectively. There have been less than 2000 deaths and a fraction of the number of infections of other countries.

The country has acted quickly to introduce its ‘Clean and Safe’ campaign, which restaurants, lifts, ferries and trains are using to show they are following all safety protocols required by the government.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Hand hygiene: Regular hand washing, avoiding touching objects and surfaces wherever possible
  • Social distancing: Employees and other persons must maintain a distance of 2m from each other; transit and waiting zones will be designated (using room dividers if necessary); regulating the number of people occupying given spaces
  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use, especially if they are touched by multiple people. Air circulation must be assured by regular and sufficient air exchange

What can you do in Zermatt?

The simple answer is lots!

You can catch up with any skiing that you missed at the tail end of the season on our glacier, enjoy first-class mountain biking, hiking and mountaineering.

Hotels, shops, markets and restaurants are open. Theatres, museums, cinemas, swimming pools, ski resorts, spas, mountain services and other leisure activities have also resumed business.

Safety measures in place on lifts

Our lifts opened again on 06 June and while wearing a mask is not compulsory there are with some key guidelines for visitors:

  • Maintain social distancing of 2m in buildings, cabins & public areas
  • Wearing a mask is recommended if you can’t socially distance
  • Buy your tickets online or use contactless when paying in person
  • Observe hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly

If you don’t have a mask you will be able to buy one from the Zermatt Bergbahnen ticket desks.

Rules for restaurants

Restaurants are open, but need to follow the following government guidelines:

  • A minimum distance of 2m between individual tables
  • Groups of no more than four customers per table
  • A minimum distance of 2m in waiting areas and in toilets
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Accommodation in Zermatt

If you’d like to visit Zermatt this summer, please contact Ed or Suzanne and we will be delighted to help find the right self-catered apartment or chalet for you.

Ed and Suzanne Matterhorn Chalets


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