Mountain Biking in Zermatt is changing fast

There are big plans for developing mountain biking in Zermatt, Switzerland. Working together with Adrian Greiner, from BikePlan, the resort is developing Zermatt as a biking destination.

‘We want to provide access to as many amateur mountain bikers as possible’

However, unlike many resorts the focus on not solely on the adrenaline thrills of downhill mountain biking. According to Greiner, this segment makes up only 5% of the market.

“The average biker is now over 40 years old. He usually has a family, is often into hiking, plays various different sports and enjoys skiing,” says Greiner.


sunegga mountain biking in zermatt


“Adventure-light rather than adventure-extreme”

With this in mind, the resort is moving away from extreme mountain biking and towards ‘red’ and ‘blue’ trails. “We want to move away from that model and provide access to Zermatt for as many amateur mountain bikers as possible.”

“Zermatt scores so highly in terms of the natural experience, its restaurant culture and the almost unlimited transport options. It’s perfect for leisure bikers, who want adventure-light rather than adventure-extreme.”


mountain biking in zermatt


New trails introduced

Mountain biking in Zermatt has been planned so that there is no ban on bikers on walking trails. However, the resort wants to channel bikers along new mountain bike trails, creating new options instead of issuing bans.

The local commune has introduced the ‘Fachstelle Bike’ project, aimed at coordinating the different elements of biking developments in the resort.

For summer 2017 visitors can buy new one-day and two-day tickets and enjoy ten marked mountain bike tours of varying difficulty.


mountain biking in zermatt


The flattest trail in Switzerland

In 2016 the Moos Trail was opened between Furi and Zermatt. This tour is suitable for children and adults and the ‘Flow Country Trail’ is 1.3km long with an average gradient of 7.3%.  The vertical drop is only 95m, which makes it the flattest trail in Switzerland.

Another way mountain biking in Zermatt has been improved is with the introduction of the 37km Zermatt to Visp mountain bike trail. This is a medium difficulty trail and joins eight more marked trails, mostly on gravel roads, to and from different points in Zermatt including Rothorn, Gornergrat or Schwarzsee.


gornergrat mountain biking in zermatt


Summer Accommodation in Zermatt & Mountain Bike Hire

There are many bike shops in Zermatt that can hire you bikes and helmets. Plus if you’re not particularly confident, there are also electric bikes available to give you a little turbo boost!

At Matterhorn Chalets we have accommodation options to suit any size group – whether you’re looking for an apartment for two or a chalet for 12.

Just get in contact with your requirements and we can help you every step of the way, from finding you the right place to stay, and our concierge service can help solve where to hire and how to get the most out of your summer holiday in Zermatt.



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