Zermatt Tourist Office launches new interactive tool

If you visit the Zermatt Tourist Office this summer, you may notice what seems to be a simple overhead light, hanging above a white table.

However, this no ordinary light. Developed by Lukas Julen, a young entrepreneur from Zermatt, it projects an interactive display onto the table top.

Simply, intuitive design

Including audio, this high-tech content can be accessed from the surface using your hands. Even though the table itself if just a regular table, the projection means that visitors can call up web-based content in a simple intuitive way.

So why not try it when you next pass by: whether you want to check out the webcams, weather forecast, piste or hiking maps, all the information is available in front of you at the touch of a fingertip.

For independent advice on where to stay in Zermatt, please contact Ed or Suzanne from Matterhorn Chalets.

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