10 Reasons Zermatt is the Best Ski Resort in Switzerland

There are a lot of great resorts in the Swiss Alps such as Verbier, Zermatt, Davos and St Moritz. But which is the best ski resort in Switzerland? Zermatt of course.

We aren’t so brazen as to make this claim and not back it up with facts, so here are our ten reasons that make Zermatt the best ski resort in Switzerland.



1 – Voted the Best

There is a biannual survey that canvases over 49,000 skiers to discover the best resort in the Alps. Zermatt is the current title holder with the highest overall score across a wide range of criteria and beat four other Swiss resorts that featured in the top ten.



2 – The Skiing

The piste skiing in Zermatt is by far the best in Switzerland with a total of 238km and the most intermediate runs of all. This makes it perfect for the typical skier, who can cruise around on wide groomed runs, but also the off-piste offers options for advanced skiers.



3 – You can ski to Italy

A dual nationality ski area can provide added adventure and fun to a day on the mountain and if you’re skiing in the Matterhorn ski area you can ski to Cervinia in Italy.

Everyone enjoys sending a message back home to show off about how you just skied to a different country for lunch. And from Zermatt, you ski from the best Swiss resort to the best Italian one.


4 – It’s the home of Matterhorn Chalets

We all know that accommodation is the key to any outstanding ski resort. Zermatt has world beating hotels and eye pleasing architecture. It also has one the world’s best luxury catered ski chalet providers, Matterhorn Chalets.


5 – No queues

The resort was once divided up by different lift operators, recently they became one and harmony was reached. This has benefited the skier hugely and investments of £240 million had seen the queues virtually disappear – unlike in many other Swiss resorts where catching a lift can be more like a London morning commute.


6 – The amazing Food

Unlike other Swiss ski resorts Zermatt takes lunching on the mountain seriously. Over time the ski area has built a reputation as foodies skiing paradise which has helped it to cultivate some amazing gourmet restaurants including two that hold Michelin Stars.  Have a look at our list of the best mountain restaurants in Zermatt.


7 – Great Off-piste Skiing

There is some serious competition within resorts that cater for more adventurous skier, but to us Zermatt wins. Our yellow itinerary runs are safe due to avalanche control, but other than that they are left untouched. There is also plenty of accessible off piste when the white stuff falls (and you get much more of it here in Zermatt).


8 – Great Eco Credentials

Zermatt has won numerous awards for its environmental practices including the most sustainable resort in Switzerland. It has an incredible approach to transport including a car free resort and efficient public transport. Zermatt also has a low impact approach to building and maintaining the pistes.


9 – The Atmosphere

Many ski resorts close in the summer which can often make them feel a little cold and lacking in charm. Zermatt is so much more than a ski resort, it is a town that is open all year round, that is steeped in history and attracts a diverse crowd who come to take part in all manner of mountain activities. (But mainly they come for the skiing!)


10 – Huge Vertical Drop

There isn’t one single run that dominates Zermatt, but the ability to drop from the Klein Matterhorn at 3820m down to the resort at 1600 m on a variety of runs making a vertical drop of over 2200m is a skiing experience not to be missed.




Accommodation in Zermatt

So if you’d like to join us in the Best Ski Resort in Switzerland, then make sure you take a look at the best chalet accommodation on our website.

We offer a concierge service, so give us a call on +41 79 247 15 88 for personal advice on the best options for you.


Beautiful Zermatt

Beautiful Zermatt

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